Introducing Arnaud

I was born between wine and mustard. Well, almost, more like a little bit north of both.

That’s Dijon for the mustard and Beaune for the wine, by the way.

After studying English in Orléans, I gained a post graduate certificate in education in Glasgow and taught in secondary schools for 15 years before deciding to become master of my own destiny.

I am, as my students used to say, a real Frenchman from France – even if “aï don’t spik laïke zis” – and I simply want nothing more than to share my love for France and the French language with you, in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.

As far as I know, it is truly French blood that runs through my veins, as my father’s side hails from Burgundy peasant stock, while my mother’s family comes from Brittany. Both my grandmothers were great home cooks and I learnt a trick or two hanging on to their apron strings. If you are lucky, I will even let you have my grandma Dabet’s recipe for her ‘far breton’.

So come have a chat and a bite!