The story of Arnaud

Dear friends and readers,

What a treat!! I have the privilege of featuring as a guest in our friend Leila’s blog. Known on the Web as A Polyglot Mum, she is a language lover extraordinaire and a student of French and Spanish, on top of being a mum of 2!

You can read it all here.

Please, visit A Polyglot Mum’s Twitter and Facebook page and give them a follow and a like.

Happy reading!


Chers amis et lecteurs,

Quelle chance!! J’ai le privilège d’être l’invité d’honneur sur le blog de notre amie Leila. Connue sous le nom de A Polyglot Mum, elle adore les langues et apprend le français et l’espagnol, en plus d’être la maman de 2 bambins!

Vous pouvez lire le blog ici.

Et s’il vous plait, rendez visite à la page de A Polyglot mum sur Twitter et Facebook, et suivez-la donnez-lui un ‘Like’.

Bonne lecture!

  • A Polyglot Mum

    Ah thank you so much my friend. It is an absolutely pleasure to host you on my blog! Perhaps this could be one of many…. 🙂

    • ALK

      I would be delighted to be a regular contributor to your blog!! I welcome one (or two or three) from you on a topic of your choice!!!